26 parfums om zelf te maken

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This is about the Dutch version of the book: for the English translation, search for "26 DIY Perfume Formulas".

26 parfums om zelf te maken is a perfume cookbook. See also the own page of the book.

Why 26 parfums om zelf te maken

There was not yet a good book for learning how to make perfumes. De Hekserij thought that something had to be done about it, so we developed and published a book ourselves. From the authors: this is the book we wanted to have when we started. They have had to take the difficult road, the next generation of perfume makers already has one basic book with 26 parfums om zelf te maken.

With 26 parfums om zelf te maken, there is a perfume recipe for all letters of the alphabet: clear, but extensive enough.


The book 26 parfums om zelf te maken is a book with 26 formulas ('recipes') for perfumes. The formulas have been kept simple, but the perfumes have been well and extensively tested. With only 28 different fragrances, all 26 formulas can be made. This makes it simple and affordable for many people. Beginners can work on their experience step by step. Advanced users can adjust the formulas to taste or use them purely for inspiration. Perfume lovers can learn a little about the art of perfume composition without mixing anything.


In 80 pages, the reader will find 26 elaborated and tested formulas. From Atom to Zephyrantes, each formula illuminated with a letter of the alphabet. In addition, general instructions, a description of the fragrances and an explanation of terms. The book is unique, but for those who want to read further there is a brief bibliography of related books. It is a good start in perfume making, it provides direction and prevents you from getting lost in the enormous possibilities that perfume making offers you.

There's more

We have developed four sets for the book: a small and a large set of fragrance raw materials and a small and a large set of aids like bottles and droppers. You can get started right away. The small sets can be used to make 6 of the 26 perfumes, with the large set all 26 perfumes can be made. The only thing you need besides these sets (and the book) is an alcohol base like our 'Cosmetic Hair Water'.

The sequel is already being considered.