As soon as your order and payment have been received, the order will be processed.

Usually your package will be delivered 3-4 working days after ordering and payment, which can be earlier or later. Outside the Netherlands and Belgium this is up to a few days longer.

Delivery time

Orders placed before 23:00 are never delivered the next day. We do not specialize in fast delivery, we specialize in delivering special products. Products that you will not or hardly encounter elsewhere.

We make or fill about 70% of what we sell ourselves, often in small quantities. For about half of all orders something needs to be filled or made before we can ship. To do this efficiently, we do not ship every day of the week.

We could set up the company in such a way that we can deliver faster. This has consequences, either the price has to go up, or the quality has to go down, or the range has to be (much) smaller. We know that most of our customers don’t want that and support our choices. For the other customers: unfortunately it is not possible to please everyone, sorry.

It is therefore imperative that you order in time. An open day or birthday party is usually known months in advance, so why not order a month in advance?


Delays can be caused by various things, such as holiday closure, high demand and errors in the addresses provided.

Sometimes you can do something about it yourself. For example, always check your order and your address before placing the order.

If the delay is caused by the fact that we no longer have a product in stock, we will contact you. We also do this in cases where the delivery time is estimated to be more than 14 days. In other cases, as a rule, we do not contact you.


Express deliveries are not possible, nor can you pick up products.

We zijn van 13 t/m 22 april gesloten wegens verhuizing.
We are closed from April 13 until April 22 for relocation.