Tips for ordering

Maybe you are an experienced web shopper. Maybe you are going to order online for the first time today. In either case, the following tips will be helpful.

Order in time

Don’t assume we’ll deliver tomorrow, in five days at the latest or whatever you think. Deliveries can always be delayed. For example, because a product is not in stock. Maybe it’s extremely busy. There may be problems with delivery, for example, due to bad weather. Furthermore, we, you or others involved could make a mistake. So always order well in advance.

Make a shopping list

Make a list of what you want to order and check if it is complete. After the order has been placed you can no longer change it.

Did you forget something?

A placed order cannot be changed. You can place a new order now or later. To save shipping costs you could also cancel the placed order and re-order it. You can request a cancellation by email. Wait for confirmation of your cancellation before placing a new order. In certain cases, for example if the order has already been dispatched, you can no longer cancel. If you have already paid, the amount paid will be refunded after cancellation.

Think of droppers

Bottles of essential oils, perfume oils and other liquids are supplied without pipettes or droppers. Our plastic droppers are very suitable for dosing small quantities. They are cheap, so stock up on them.

Think about closures with packaging

Some empty packages (such as empty bottles and empty jars) include a closure (cap, nozzle, pump, pipette), others do not. You can check this in the description of the packaging and closures. If no closure is included, you can read which closures match the packaging in the description. This will prevent you from having caps without fitting bottles and bottles without fitting caps.

Think about the delivery address

Consider direct delivery to a collection point if we offer it for your delivery country. In some countries, that’s even the only option we offer. If you want to receive it at home and you are not there, it will still go to a service point. In some countries that can be far away. For business addresses, if not deliverable it may go to a depot, which can be tens of kilometres away.

Obscure addresses, especially squats, anti-squat houses and former schools and companies that are now used as collective buildings can cause problems. Consider another address.

Check address, email address and other details

We receive weekly orders with an incorrect address or non-existent email address. Obvious errors like a missing house number we usually see and solve in time. But then: in some countries a house number is not needed. Sometimes we do not see the error. If you are sending the goods to work, please state the company name clearly. It may be that a parcel is not delivered when the delivery person sees that the address is not that of Mr. Lemaire but of Bookshop the Sfinx, even though Mr. Lemaire works there. Conversely: if you are sending the order for school to your own home, do not include the name of the school in the delivery address. If the delivery man sees that there is no school at the address, the parcel will not be delivered. If you enter an incorrect e-mail address, you will not receive a confirmation, this will be sent to the incorrect e-mail address.

Don’t use free email addresses

Many free email providers do not deliver all emails. That is a disadvantage of such a service, but then: it is free. If you want an order confirmation from us, want to know where you can pick up the package and want us to contact you if something is unclear, then it is necessary to use a suitable email address. For example, the one you received from your email provider. Also: check your spam folder regularly and don’t just empty it.

Please wait

After placing an order in our shop you will receive a confirmation email almost immediately. If we send the package you will receive a message of shipment, with tracking codes. These are the only messages we always send, we only send an email in special cases, such as a product is not available for a long time. Receipt of your payment is not confirmed by us, because your bank or PayPal already provides this information.

Take timely action

If you, a few working days after the maximum usual delivery time still have not heard from us and also have not received a package: send us an email and indicate that you still have not received anything. Please also give us your order number, so we know what it is about.

Did you receive an email with tracking data, but four working days later you still have not received a parcel and also no message (email, non-home card)? Please check with the tracking data to see what is going on. In case of problems: send us an email.

If you have found an email from the carrier or a non-home card or other message from the delivery person in your letterbox: please take action as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the parcel may be returned to you, causing delay and possibly extra costs.

We zijn van 13 t/m 22 april gesloten wegens verhuizing.
We are closed from April 13 until April 22 for relocation.