Join the team

In the last part of 2023 or in 2024 we probably need a:

(junior) Product Specialist

You don’t have to be a specialist already, we train you internally. Juniors 50+ are also welcome.

What is needed for this is:

  • Knowledge of, and involvement with, raw materials for fragrance products and cosmetics
  • Knowledge of chemistry and possibly related matters (physics, toxicology, biology, medicine, pharmacy)
  • Knowledge of matters such as quality, health and safety and environmental matters (KAM), or interest in making this your own
  • Knowledge of formulating, compiling and making cosmetics and fragrance products, or interest in making it your own

The new employee is curious, eager to learn and has a flexible attitude, level from MBO plus. A relevant education is included, as is a diploma, but in the end we are more interested in what you can really do than in what you should be able to do. Good knowledge of the Dutch and English language is necessary. Knowledge of other languages ??is very welcome.

You will be deployed on matters such as improving product descriptions, developing and testing formulas, creating and maintaining documentation, sourcing and purchasing, maintenance of the RIE, etcetera.

Full-time and part-time are both negotiable. The work takes place in our company in IJsselmuiden, some work can be done (partly) from home if desired.

We offer a pleasant working environment with seven people and three dogs as colleagues. Wage: think of ± 2500 euros per month at 40 working hours per week. No collective labor agreement applies.

For more information or application you can contact us by email.