Warranty and complaints

We offer a warranty on the products you have purchased. If you handle our products carefully and store and use our raw materials carefully, we guarantee that they will last for at least a certain time (see below). Do they last less than you might reasonably expect? We will then replace the product or refund the costs to you (our choice).


In most cases we offer a one year warranty, but there are a few exceptions.

Raw Materials

Almost all raw materials we sell have a limited shelf life. The shelf life depends on many things, so we can’t specify it exactly. In most cases, an expiration date is stated on the packaging of the raw materials to provide our customers with guidance.

Please note, the expiration date is only a guideline. If you handle the product reasonably neatly, we expect that it can certainly be used until the expiration date. If you handle it carefully, it can be (much) longer.

Unfortunately, we cannot indicate this expiration date in the webshop. That would make the products much more expensive, because it is a lot of work to keep track of this.

We almost always guarantee that the expiration date marked on the product is at least 4 full months in the future when we ship the goods. There are a few exceptions to this, for raw materials with a relatively short shelf life. In that case, the online store states that the shelf life may be shorter than these four months. The expiration date can also be shorter for sale items, this is almost always indicated.

Expiration date

The expiration date is indicated on the right side of the label. For example, it looks something like this:

B22 – EXP 10/2025

This means Batch 22, expires after October 2025. So we will ship it no later than the end of June 2025 (unless otherwise stated in the item description).

Keep in mind that the expiration date varies not only per product, but may also vary per delivery. The castor oil last time had an expiration date 16 months in the future, now it could be 8 months (or vice versa).

The warranty on raw materials is never longer than the expiration date indicated on the packaging. I case there is no expiration date indicated on the packaging or is the expiration date is at least one year in the future, we offer a warranty for at least one year after delivery, provided you have used and stored the raw materials correctly.

Correct means:

  • cool (15-18 °C is ideal) – but NOT in the fridge
  • dry – not in a wet cellar or garden shed
  • dark
  • in the airtight, original packaging

The above applies unless a different storage method is indicated in the product description. Raw materials degrade faster or slower from the moment they are created. Once a package has been opened, aging can set in more quickly. Such normal aging is not covered by the warranty.

Refrigerator: in general, the refrigerator or freezer is not suitable for storing our raw materials. Condensation can get into the packaging, causing powders to clump or even mould. Fragrances can ruin anything in the refrigerator with their scent, including all sorts of other fragrances. Flammable liquids can cause explosion.


Glass products can break. We can therefore not guarantee against breakage on glass products. There is one exception to this: if a breakage is reported immediately after receipt. For that reason too, we recommend that you check your delivered products for breakage immediately upon arrival. Glassware made of borosilicate glass is stronger and more resistant to heat than regular glass, but that glass can also break. You must handle it with care and unfortunately we cannot guarantee against breakage here either.


Do you believe that the warranty for a particular product should be longer than one year? Feel free to ask us for a warranty after two or three years, we will consider any reasonable request. If we share your opinion, we will also provide a warranty after the 1 year period.


If you would like to invoke our warranty: send an email to our customer service. please state for which product you want a warranty and why. Also provide the invoice number, so that we know to which delivery it relates.


Do you have a complaint about a product or about our services, then you can do the following.

Send an email with your complaint to our customer service. We will process the complaint and do our best to find a solution.

In those cases we do not succed to find a solution, as a consumer you can use the services of the Online Dispute Resolution platform of the EU (ODR): ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr