Returns are usually possible, but only after consultation. The rules for consumers and others are different.


By consumers we mean customers who have ordered for personal, private use.

Consumers who live in the European Union and have received delivery in the European Union have the legal right up to 14 working days after receipt of the goods to indicate that they want to return them. Consumers then have 14 days to return these goods. This does not only apply to us, that applies to every online store in Europe. Of course you also have that right with us and we usually don’t make things difficult. If it’s a few days later, that’s no problem.

The costs and risk of returns are for your account. Depending on the size of the package, the weight and the carrier you have chosen, this amount can be higher or lower, but count on an amount of at least 5-8 euros.


Because we sell a number of special products for which the legislator has made exceptions to the right of return, returns can only be made under the following conditions:

  • We do not have to take back products with a best-before date (assuming that this applies to all our raw materials). However, we can still take them back if the seal of the packaging (for example a cap or lid with warranty ring or sealed plastic bag) is NOT broken. If the packaging is not sealed (limited to larger packaging), we will also take it back.
  • Products without an expiration dateĀ  on the packaging, but with a seal, can be returned, but costs may be charged for the repair if the seal is no longer intact.
  • Other damage to products is not accepted, we cannot take these back, the same applies to products that are not clean or that have not been used hygienically.
  • After we have indicated that you may return the products, you must do so within 14 working days.
  • You may return certain hazardous substances, but you probably cannot do that legally. There are legal shipping regulations for these substances that private individuals cannot generally comply with.

You can indicate that you want to return the order in the following ways:

  • By email, send it to our customer service
  • By letter (De Hekserij, Spoorstraat 57, 8271RG IJsselmuiden, The Netherlands)

In all cases, indicate which order it concerns, state the order number and/or invoice number, your address and what you want to return. If you wish, you can use our withdrawal form

After your return request, we will provide instructions on how to return it. You then have 14 working days to return the goods according to our instructions. After receipt and verification of the return shipment, we will refund the return amount to you. If you return the entire order, we will also refund the shipping costs charged by us. The costs and risk of the return shipment to us are for your account.

Companies, schools, organizations

Companies, schools and other organizations do not have an automatic right of return. Often, but not always, we can take the products back. Sometimes we have to charge a fee, for example if you have bought so much of a certain item that we don’t think we can sell it before the expiration date. As a rule, we cannot take back products that have been ordered at your request.

You can request a return by email.