De Hekserij supplies not only to private persons; we supply thousands of large and small companies in about 50 countries.

Prices and ordering

We do not charge different prices for companies and private persons. That includes retailers who want to resell our products. We recommend to use our webshop for ordering, also for companies. The webshop is in general the fastest and cheapest option. In case you are looking for a product that is not in the shop, or you need a much larger amount than is available in the shop, companies can ask for availability or a quotation. Please use email to do this and include company name, address and VAT number (in the Netherlands also ‘KvK’ number). We might be able to help you. For the webshop is also used by private persons all prices include VAT.

We do not accept purchase conditions from our customers.

Fragrance materials

We intend to source and supply every fragrance material that excists in any amount, 1 gram if needed. That includes materials that are not in our webshop (yet). Unfortunately we do not succeed always, but feel free to ask.

Intra-community delivery

Companies within the EU we can often deliver intra-community, which means that we do not have to charge VAT. This is only possible if you arrange this with us before your first order. Unfortunately, this is not possible without making an appointment in advance.

To make an appointment, please send an email to our customer service. Mention in this email the name and address of your company as well as your VAT number. After verification, we will explain to you the procedure for intra-Community deliveries.

Cosmetics raw materials

Unfortunately we can only supply a limited amount of cosmetics raw materials. Besides our range maybe a few hundreds materials. That seems a lot, but there are many, many more materials on the market. For this reason we had to focus on a small number versatile suppliers. Again: feel free to inquire.


We can supply several kinds of documentation, not always for free. Read more…

Food / Internal use

De Hekserij does not supply any products intended for use in or with food, or other internal use. This also applies to e-cigarettes, for example. Often the substances do not meet the quality requirements for food. In addition, we do not meet all the legal requirements for the processing and marketing of foodstuffs. We don’t want to, it’s just not our business. Therefore, do not use our products for foodstuffs or other products for internal use.


De Hekserij does not supply any products that are intended for the production of medicines or homeopathic remedies as intended by current legislation. Often the substances do not meet the relevant quality requirements for these products. More importantly, we do not meet all the legal requirements for the processing, packaging and trading of medicines. We don’t want to, it’s just not our business. Therefore, do not use our products for such (homeopathic) medicines.

What can be done is to use our substances for simple care products for external use. For example, we supply products to various aromatherapists and herbalists. There are also various customers who make ointments and the like as non-cosmetic care products. This is possible, as long as you know what you are doing and as long as you go to a doctor when you are ill.