Private lessons

There are various courses in the field of perfume making in Europe and elsewhere in the world, usually the aim is for you to make a fragrance, and it is mainly for fun. It is an entertaining activity and we are happy to supply the raw materials for it, such as various fragrances.

If you want to dive deeper into the subject, these courses are often not suitable. Do you want to learn how a real perfume is made like you buy in the perfumery? How to create a fragrance composition for your homemade soap, scented candles or room perfume? Then private perfume making lessons at De Hekserij might be an option.

Private lesson at De Hekserij

Private lessons are almost always tailor-made: we look at what you can, know and have done. We also take into account what you want to learn, what is the goal. It is therefore not the case that you follow a pre-cooked lesson program, we look at the wishes and possibilities and adjust the program accordingly.

We expect you to have made a start independently. For example, you have made the perfumes from our book ’26 DIY Perfumes’ and have started working with your own mixtures. We do not provide private lessons to absolute beginners, our advice is to first gain some knowledge and experience, if you get stuck: then we may be able to do something for you.

More advanced perfumers ask for help building accords and perfumes. Then there are more specialist requests: how do you perfume candles or soap? How do you make perfume for dogs? Which carriers can be used for room perfumes? How do I make a natural musk perfume. Many people get stuck at some point: the scent doesn’t work, isn’t strong enough or has other problems. We can often help, if not, we are honest about it.

There is limited space for new students every year, we only give private perfume making lessons in the period March to October, from the end of January it makes sense to make requests for the new season.

The goal of our students is to gain knowledge to use, we do not train for a diploma, you do not receive a certificate. We are not a training institute, we simply share the knowledge we have. That is why we charge VAT for private lessons.

2023 Rates

  • Private lesson 1 person € 89,95 per hour
  • Private lesson 2 people € 119,95 per hour

With private lessons for two people, we give the same lesson to two people at the same time, which is only possible with a comparable level and goal. Prices include Dutch VAT (21%).

Request for private lessons or further information please by email.