Private individuals

A special aspect of De Hekserij is that we also sell raw materials and other items that are normally only supplied to the industry to private individuals.

Our intention was and is that everyone, including private individuals, should be able to use raw materials for self-education. Making your own products provides knowledge that you cannot find in books.

Use our webshop for ordering, easy to use. The prices in the webshop are of course inclusive of VAT.

Although self-education was and is our first approach, our products are also used for other purposes. Sometimes that is not a problem, except that we may not be able to serve you as well with advice. In other cases, it is absolutely not recommended to use our products in any other way than intended by us. We will go into more detail on this below.


De Hekserij does not supply any product intended for the preparation of foodstuffs. Often the substances do not meet the relevant quality requirements. We do not meet all legal requirements for the processing and trading of foodstuffs. We don’t want that either, that’s not our thing.

We therefore advise against the use of our products in or with foodstuffs.

The same goes for other internal uses, including e-cigarette liquids.

Hobby and cosmetics

It’s fun to make things as a hobby. Painting roof tiles, building macramés and chicken coops. Making your own cosmetics is also a fun hobby for many people. Our cosmetic raw materials are ideally suited for this.

Our chemicals (recognizable by the article number that starts with a 3) are not suitable for cosmetics. About the use with plants and animals (aquariums, fertilizers, ponds): we don’t know if this is safe.

Other technical hobby use is often possible. Wool stains, water colour paint, ink: feel free to go ahead.


Some customers use our products for making over-the-counter products. When it comes to self-care products that resemble cosmetics, that is of course fine.

Various aromatherapists buy their essential oil from us, that’s fine, our essential oil is suitable for that, if used externally.

We do not sell any substances for the manufacture of ‘medicines’ and ‘homeopathic medicines’ within the meaning of the law. We cannot and do not want to meet the requirements set for this.


We also do not intend to use products intended for primary schools as toys. Our products do not necessarily meet the legal requirements of the Toy Decree. We do not promote them as toys.

This does not mean that we advise against having our products used by children, the advice is that this should be done together with adults. Also, keep their safety in mind. Where you may not use safety glasses or gloves yourself, do so with children (better: also with yourself). Raw materials and homemade cosmetics do not belong in the nursery.