De Hekserij also supplies schools, of course. From primary education to university.

Cosmetics and fragrance

Hair gel, toothpaste, shampoo and perfume: beautiful projects for the classroom. Whether it concerns technology in primary education or a profile assignment in chemistry. The educational packages are not only used in the classroom, but are also very suitable for open days. The packages are very complete, you can’t forget anything. We also sell various ‘individual’ substances for cosmetics and fragrance products.

Other substances and materials

We have a number of special materials in the range. Examples are polymers, and in addition, a small, relatively inexpensive range of chemicals, glassware and the like. Technical grade copper sulfate is just as capable of detecting water as an ultra-pure version. Pupils break a number of Erlenmeyer flasks every year, whether they cost 6 or 30 euros each.

We do not charge different prices for schools than for private individuals. We also recommend that schools order from our web store where possible. If you are looking for something that is not in the webshop, or that you need in a much larger quantity than indicated there, you can request a quote. This is best done by email. Because the webshop is also accessible to private individuals, all prices are indicated including VAT.

Order on account

Dutch schools can in principle order on account. Make an appointment about this before the first order by email. Give us the address of the school, and the brin number. Furthermore, the contact details (name, telephone, e-mail address) of the orderers and also of the person who handles the invoice. After checking the data, we will give you instructions for ordering on account.

Flemish schools now know how to find us better and better. They and schools from other countries and regions are of course very welcome as customers. Unfortunately, we still have to ask for payment in advance. The same applies to private schools in the Netherlands, i.e. schools that are not funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education.

Terms of purchase are not accepted by us, read here why not.


For delivered products, you can request a safety data sheet where required by law, see our general information about documentation.


De Hekserij does not supply any product intended for the preparation of foodstuffs. Often the substances do not meet the relevant quality requirements. We don’t want that either, others have to do that. Our packaging also does not meet the requirements for food packaging. We therefore recommend not to use our products in food.