Our story

De Hekserij supplies raw materials, materials, tools and knowledge, in small quantities and to a wide audience.

Raw materials for

  • perfume and fragrance products
  • cosmetics
  • chemistry, biology and science

Materials and tools

  • packaging for perfume and other cosmetics
  • laboratory glassware
  • other work material


  • formulas for perfume, fragrances and cosmetics
  • private lessons in perfumery
  • technical-chemical advice in the field of perfume and fragrance products

Small amounts

We sell products of which you can normally only purchase large quantities (1 kg, 25 kg, 200 kg, 1000 kg) in much smaller quantities, in some cases as little as 1 gram.

Wide audience

With over 30.000 customers in 50 countries, we have a very broad customer base: from sole traders to multinationals, from primary schools to large research institutes. Of course we also deliver to private individuals.

Our method

De Hekserij is actually comparable to an old-fashioned pharmacy. Someone reports to the counter with a prescription from the doctor. On the shelves of the pharmacy are large jars of medicines of a kilogram. The pharmacist weighs exactly what is needed for the prescription in question. In this way, the correct dose is specially packaged for this customer.

That’s how it is with us. Suppose you order 250 ml of avocado oil. This oil is recieved by us in barrels of 25 liters. It is therefore possible that your quantity still needs to be prepared. This is rarely the case with products of which we sell a lot. For less popular products, packaging the raw materials takes time. For that reason, we do not deliver the next day if you order before 11 pm.

We work meticulously on everything. Our products are carefully packaged, hygienically and with attention to safety, quality and the environment. We think it is important to also sell products that are in low demand. In order to remain flexible, we package such a product only after it has been ordered.

Our history

Frequently asked and much told, that’s why we made an extra page, with the whole story on it.

Our name

Our name ‘De Hekserij’ translates best as ‘The Witchery’, a cheesy name for a shop witches would buy their stuff. The name comes from the image of three witches around a large cauldron who mix our raw materials in it to make a brew like a perfume of cream. To us, a witch was simply a folkloric phenomenon from fairy tales. Only later did we learn that there are people who believe that witches and witchcraft really exist and also have a positive or negative association with them.

Because we have been using the name for about twenty years and it is widely known among our customers, we are not going to change it.