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Beginners set perfume making tools

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Beginners set perfume making tools: A set of tools for budding perfumers.

Beginners set perfume making tools

This set has been specially composed by us for use with the book 26 DIY Perfume formulas. It contains all kinds of tools for making some of the perfumes from this book. Even without a book it is a good starting point: with these aids the novice perfumer will not immediately miss out.


The set consists of 12 empty 10 ml bottles (AMBER, brown glass), with matching cap (DIN18 black) for mixing and storage. In addition, a number of perfume bottles: twice Quadro (bottle, atomiser attachment and protective cap) and twice the Cubo bottle with matching black cap. To try out and to give away 12 mini plastic atomisers. Finally, plastic pipettes: 20 x 3 ml and 100 x 1 ml.


These tools are all available separately, with this set you have everything at once. We have also rounded down the price a bit.