Cosmetic hair water *ADR*

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This product only ships to Benelux countries and Germany! Please do not order when shipping to any other country, to avoid problems. Read more...

We mainly sell Cosmetic Hair Water as an alcohol base for perfumes.

Cosmetic Hair Water

Under the name 'Cosmetic Hair Water' we sell a cosmetic product consisting largely of alcohol. It is very suitable for making perfumes, aftershave and other cosmetics with alcohol. It is duty free, so relatively cheap. It has a very light odor of its own which is rarely a problem when used.

The name 'Cosmetic Hair Water' (Cosmetisches Haarwasser) is an invention of the German television program Hobbythek. The product is in a legal sense cosmetics (intended for cleaning oily hair) which avoids a lot of problems with excise duties and other legislation. Because the legislator does not intend to tax alcohol intended for cosmetics, we do not find it a problem to use this construction.

This construction may not be accepted everywhere, which is why we only supply this product in the BeNeLux and Germany!


Use this product as a solvent for fragrances for making perfumes. Almost all fragrances mix with it. Mix the fragrances and the Cosmetic Hair Water together and stir for a while. Doesn't solve it: letting it stand for a while sometimes works wonders. Some substances do not mix well with Cosmetic Hair Water. Especially solids such as Musk Ketone can cause problems. By pre-mixing the solids and liquid fragrances and then mixing this mixture with the Cosmetic Hair Water, the problem is usually solved.

De Hekserij does not sell products intended for use in foodstuffs or for other internal use. This product is NOT an exception.


Cosmetic Hair Water consists almost entirely of alcohol (± 95%) and water (± 4%). In addition, a little panthenol and a small amount of a light perfume.

In connection with questions we occasionally get about this: whether you make a perfume with pure alcohol, perfumer's alcohol or cosmetic hair water: the end result is in almost all cases the same perfume of which at most an expert with a very good nose can tell the difference between can smell.

This product is shipped as ADR shipment (Hazardous materials). This is not possible to all countries and has consequences for return shipment posibilities. Please refer to: ADR shipments.

INCI: Alcohol, Aqua, Panthenol, Perfume


Although Cosmetic Hair Water is legally cosmetic and therefore does not fall under the REACH/CLP regulation, we have chosen to label it in accordance with this legislation. That produces the following:

H225 - Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H319 - Causes serious eye irritation.

An allergic reaction to the perfume used is conceivable, but unlikely.


100 ml, 250 ml, 1 liter