General product information

Our products are intended for making cosmetics, perfume, fragrance products and / or for educational use. Below you will find general product information in addition to the product descriptions.


Not every product we sell can be used to make cosmetics or perfume. See the description of the product and the category under which you find this product. If in doubt, send us an email and ask for advice.

What you can definitely NOT use our products for

We do not sell products intended for internal use or consumption.

Our products are not suitable for use in food, not for use in animal nutrition. They are not suitable for injection or for making injection liquids. Our products are not suitable for self-care products that are used internally; this would require special, extra careful quality control, which we do not offer. Of course, this also applies to medicines: we do not sell them, nor do we sell the raw materials for making them. You cannot use our products for flavouring tobacco or composing e-smoke products or vape liquids.

If you use the products internally, you can suffer serious health damage. Therefore, look for another supplier if you are looking for products for internal use.

There is only one exception to this rule: making your own toothpaste. For educational use only, you can use our toothpaste making set and also the substances it contains. However, we advice not to use the toothpaste, or only use it once and on the day it was made.

Hazardous substances

Several of the substances we sell are ‘hazardous materials’. These can be natural substances such as essential oil, and synthetic substances such as many fragrances. Hazardous materials must be used with care and stored sensibly: out of the reach of children. Residues must be taken to a recognized processor, such as the chemical waste counter of the municipality.

Some of the hazardous substances may not be shipped to your area, because of local and international laws. We have arranged this for our own shipments with our carrier, but it means that you may not be able to (legally) return a shipment. See also the information about ADR shipments .

In most cases we indicate the most important hazards in the description of a product. That is another reason to read the description of our products carefully.

Shelf life

Many products have a limited shelf life. Unfortunately, we cannot indicate this very precisely. We therefore recommend that you do not stock up on products for years, unless you know that the product in question can be kept for years. See here for more information.


In general, it is best to store the substances cool, dry and dark, in the well-closed packaging. By ‘cool’ we mean, preferably at 16-18 °C, but NOT in the refrigerator. Refridgeration might damage some substances, among other things through condensation.