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Avocado oil

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Avocado oil is a vegetable oil intended for use in cosmetics.


Before purchasing, please read all the information below and the general product information. Not intended for use in food or other internal use.


Avocado oil is used as a smoothing and protecting ingredient in, for example, creams and body butters. It supports the fat layer on the skin and makes it smoother. In addition, it is a carrier of oil-soluble active ingredients and fragrances.

The use of the oil is very simple: mix with the other raw materials of the formula and you're done. If necessary, you can use 100% avocado oil in a cold preparation. With a hot preparation, as is often necessary for making creams, it is best to heat all the fatty ingredients in a water bath until everything has melted. Stir well before further use. With creams and lotions you usually use between 5 and 20% oil.

The oil is especially recommended for dry, damaged and flaky skin.

Store cool, dry and dark in tightly closed packaging.


Avocado oil is a yellow-brown liquid at room temperature. Vegetable oil can become (partially) solid, especially in the cold season. The oil therefore appears cloudy, it contains solid pieces in the form of lumps or long strings. It is often sufficient to let the oil come to room temperature, sometimes it is necessary to heat the oil au bain marie for a while.

After opening the packaging, the substance can be used for about six months to a year, provided that the expiration date has not passed (too long). The expiration date is printed on the right side of the product label.

Avocado oil is made from the pulp of the avocado pear, the fruit of the avocado tree Persea americana Mill. (formerly: Persea gratissima). The oil we supply is refined. This ensures that the oil lasts longer and sensitive substances in the oil (such as vitamins) are preserved longer.

The oil is made as follows: the pulp of the avocado is extracted from the oil by pressing (in a centrifuge). This is bleached with kieselguhr. Kieselguhr consists of minuscule fossils that form a kind of sponge of stone, the dyes remain in it, the oil does not. The oil is then steam treated to reduce odour and make the oil more stable. Finally, the oil is cooled to 4 °C and then filtered, so that the oil (usually) remains an oil even in winter.


Avocado oil is extracted from plants. It is not very easy, but it is completely biodegradable in the environment. Growing the avocado requires a lot of water. Although the oil is made in Italy, it is quite possible that the avocados themselves (partly) come from America.


This substance is packed in brown plastic (PET) bottles with black plastic (PP) cap. The 4.7 kg packaging is a plastic (HDPE) jerry can with a black plastic (PP) cap. Our jerry can key DIN 51 can be useful to open / close the cap of this jerry can.


Avocado oil is not classified as a hazardous substance (REACH/CLP). We still recommend careful handling of all substances.


Article number: 11002
Dutch name: Avocado-olie
EC number: 232-428-0
EU CAS number: 8024-32-6
CAS number TSCA: 8024-32-6


100 ml, 250 ml, 1 liter, 4,7 kg (± 5,1 liter)