Shampoo met conditioner

Shampoo with conditioner

A recipe for a shampoo with conditioner, especially for hair that is drier or difficult to comb.

The conditioner used, Haarsoft Hx, leaves a greasy layer on the hair, making it less likely to dry out or break. In addition, it cleans, like any shampoo.


  • 55 g water (boiled and cooled tap water)
  • 10 g Betaine (CAPB) Hx
  • 25 g Detergent (SLES) Hx
  • 4 g Hexaderm LSH
  • 2 g Haarsoft Hx
  • 15 drops (± 1 ml) Lactic acid 90%
  • 15 drops (± 0.8 ml) FO Carnation
  • 2 drops (± 0.1 ml) HexaCol orange
  • 15 drops (± 0.9 ml) HexaCon 91
  • Dropper pipette plastic 1 ml
  • Dropper pipette plastic 3 ml
  • Packaging, for example Bottle HENRI 100 ml with white flap cap


You can mix in the bottle in which you store the shampoo.

Weigh Betaine (CAPB) hx, Detergent (SLES) Hx, Hexaderm LSH and Haarsoft Hx one after the other into the bottle. Then add the lactic acid, the FO Carnation, the HexaCol orange and the HexaCon 91. Finally, add the water to just below the neck of the bottle. Cap it well and shake it briefly.

The shampoo is immediately ready for use.


  • The shampoo with conditioner thickens a bit, but is it still too thin: add a few drops of lactic acid. Shake well.
  • If that doesn’t help: add a little regular table salt: shake well.
  • HexaCol can stain the skin, in clothes, on wood, plastic, wallpaper … so pay attention! Has there been a spill: clean it immediately.
  • Various of the raw materials are corrosive, irritating or harmful in concentrated form. An allergic reaction to the skin is also possible. Therefore, wear safety glasses and protective gloves. For more information, see the description of the different raw materials. The shampoo that is made can irritate or cause an allergic reaction just like any shampoo.
  • Prefer other colors or scents: all water-soluble HexaCol is suitable (so NOT the oil green) and many other of our fragrances, but not all.