Parfume ‘Fruity’

A simple formula for a fruity perfume.


Perfume ‘Fruity’ is a simple perfume that you can easily make yourself. Especially suited for lovers of fruity scents.


Mix the following in any order:

  • EO Mandarin Red (org) – 12 drops
  • FO Peach kiss – 9 drops
  • Benzyl acetate – 12 drops
  • Hedione (Fir) – 12 drops
  • Hexyl cinnamal – 3 drops
  • Heliotropex N (IFF) – 12 drops
  • Cosmetic hair water – 30 ml


It is easiest if you mix this in the bottle in which you want to use the perfume. Because the formula yields about 30 ml of perfume, the Quadro bottle (which comes complete with atomizer attachment and cap) is a great choice. Remember to shorten the riser! You do not use more than 1 ml of any fragrance, so you can get started with the smallest bottles of each fragrance. When ordering, consider plastic pipettes, the bottles with fragrances are supplied without a dropper. The 1 ml pipettes are the most convenient for this. Cosmetic hair water can be added with a 3 ml pipette, but a funnel is more convenient. Our glass 50 mm funnel or 60 mm plastic funnel are suitable for the bottle of the Quadro atomizer.

After mixing you can use the perfume immediately, however, due to maturation the perfume gets better, especially the alcohol smell becomes less intense.