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Des fleurs blanc #4

“Des fleurs blanc #4” is a floral perfume with the scent of mainly white flowers. It is somewhat reminiscent of Anaïs anaïs or l’air du temps. This is the fourth improved formula that we publish, hence #4.

Ingredients and materials

– 30 ml Cosmetic hair water
– 20 drops of Hedione (Fir)
– 17 drops of Mayol (Fir)
– 17 drops of Phenylethyl Alcohol
– 15 drops of Ethyl linalool
– 12 drops of Benzyl Acetate
– 10 drops of Benzyl Salicylate
– 5 drops of EO Ylang Ylang III
– 4 drops Heliotropex N (IFF)
– Perfume bottle Quadro 30 ml
– Dropping pipette plastic 1 and 3 ml: at least 8 x 1 ml and 1 x 3 ml, but it is wise to buy more, reuse of these plastic pipettes is difficult.
A 10 ml bottle of an EO (essential oil) or other fragrance usually contains about 200-300 drops.


Fill the perfume bottle Quadro with about 20 ml of cosmetic hair water, it does not come very precisely. Use a plastic 3 ml dropper for this, this is easier than a small funnel. Then add the other raw materials one after the other. Finally, top up the bottle with cosmetic hair water until it is nicely filled: just below the neck. The riser of the atomizer attachment needs to be cut to size, look at a bottle of perfume from the store to see how far it needs to go. Do not cut too short, then you will not get the bottom out and not too long, then the set-up can become loose. Make sure that the pipettes are not mixed up, otherwise the Hedione might smell like Benzyl acetate and the ylang oil smell like Heliotropex N.
The alcohol smell diminishes after a few days to weeks and eventually disappears completely.

Perfume does not need to be preserved, because of the high percentage of alcohol it cannot get moldy. However, due to the effect of oxygen from the air, high temperature and too much (sun) light, the smell can still deteriorate. Store it (like other perfumes) cool, dry and dark in a tightly closed container. Usually the smell gets a little better after storage, when it is 3-6 months old it is usually at its best, but if properly stored it normally lasts at least a year, sometimes (much) longer.