Lip gloss pure and natural

A simple formula for a sheer, natural, liquid lip gloss.


You can make and use this liquid lip gloss yourself. This way you can quickly and easily make a pure, natural, liquid lip gloss.


You only need one substance:

  • Castor oil – 15 ml

In addition, you will need:

  • Dropper pipette plastic 3 ml
  • Lip gloss bottle + applicator


You can use the pipette to fill the Lip gloss bottle + applicator with the castor oil. To do this, first remove the applicator from the reservoir and do not overfill the reservoir, otherwise it will overflow when you put the applicator in. You can use the lip gloss right away.

Castor oil is the traditional ingredient of lipstick and many other lip products because it gives a beautiful, lasting shine. In addition, it helps to prevent or limit dehydration of the lips. This lip gloss is 100% natural, non-scented, non-allergenic.

Like any other oil, it can stain.