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Eau de cologne #7

Eau de cologne is a classic perfume that is easy to alter and variate. Below we give a nice example: Eau de cologne #7.


  • 50 ml Cosmetic hair water
  • 15 drops (± 0,8 ml) EO Bergamot FCF (org)
  • 12 drops (± 0,6 ml) EO Lemon CP (org)
  • 8 drops (± 0,4 ml) EO Petitgrain Paraguay
  • 8 drops (± 0,4 ml) EO Orange Sweet CP (org)
  • 3 drops (± 0,2 ml) Benzoin Siam resinoid 50% in DPG
  • 2 drop (± 0,1 ml) EO Rosemary CT Camphor (org)
  • 2 drops (± 0,1 ml) EO Lavender Bulgaria (org)
  • Perfume bottle E4 Cilindro 50 ml
  • Atomizer attachment E4
  • 6 x Dropper plastic 1 ml
  • 2 x dropper plastic 3 ml


Cut the riser to the correct length: when the atomizer attachment is screwed onto the bottle, it should fit loosely into the corner of the bottle. If it is too long, the closure can become loose. If this is too short, you cannot completely empty the bottle.

Fill perfume bottle Cilindro about half full with Cosmetic hair water, it doesn’t come very precisely. Use a plastic 3 ml dropper for this, this is easier than a small funnel. Then add the other raw materials one after the other. Always use a new 1 ml pipette for this, except for the Benzoë Siam resinoide 50%. The latter is quite viscous, so a 3 ml pipette works a bit easier. Fill the pipette slowly to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Make sure that the pipettes are not mixed up, otherwise the lavender oil might smell like lemon and the petitgrain oil smells like rosemary. Finally, top up the bottle with cosmetic hair water until it is nicely filled. Finish with the atomizer attachment.

Freshly made Eau de cologne #7 often still smells strongly of alcohol, this alcohol smell diminishes after a few days and eventually disappears. Eau de cologne does not need to be preserved, because of the high percentage of alcohol it cannot mold. The effect of oxygen from the air, high temperature and too much (sun) light can cause the odour to deteriorate. Store it (like other perfumes) cool (not in the fridge), dry and dark in a tightly closed container. Usually the smell gets a little better after storage. It is usually at its best when it is 3-6 months old. If properly stored, it normally lasts at least a year, sometimes (much) longer.