Effective rich W/O cream with CastEmul

With our emulsifier CastEmul you can make a really good rich cream. This is suitable as a hand cream, foot cream, night cream, but maybe a bit too rich for use as a day cream. The yield of the recipe is about 100 grams of cream.

Supplies and ingredients

  • 2 x Beaker 250 ml [30038]
  • 1 or 2 Spatulas [14901]
  • Weighing scale accurate to 0,1 g
  • Teaspoon or measuring spoon
  • Dropping pipettes plastic 1 ml [30111]
  • Dropping pipettes plastic 3 ml [30110]
  • Tissues / adsorbent paper
  • Cream jar(s) with lid for 100 g cream

Aqueous phase

  • 70 g fresh tap water
  • 3 g Glycerin [10630]
  • 0,8 g Magnesium sulfate [13006]
  • 22 drops (± 1 ml) HexaCon 91 [10306]

Oil phase

  • 4 g CastEmul Hx [10460]
  • 22 g Macadamia oil [11005]
  • 2 drops (± 0,1 ml) Tocopherol (Vitamin E) [10540]


You can prepare this cream cold: heating is not necessary. It is important to take the time for it: allow at least half an hour to stir. Weigh out the substances in the aqueous phase and place them in a 250 ml beaker: mix as well as possible. All magnesium sulfate must be dissolved before continuing, the HexaCon 91 may still make it a cloudy mixture. In the other 250 ml beaker, weigh all the components of the oil phase, also stir well.

Add the water phase to the oil phase drop by drop using a pipette, while stirring the oil phase well, until all is mixed well. After about 20 drops you can add a few drops of the water phase at a time: keep stirring. Then add a maximum of 1 ml of water phase at a time, keep stirring! After most of the water is added the cream will start to thicken.

When the entire water phase has been added, stir for at least another minute. Then fill one or a few cream jars with the
cream and let it cool down. The end result is a pumpable, soft cream or thick lotion, slightly thinner than custard.

The cream will usually keep for a few months, however, at the slightest sign of spoilage, the cream should be discarded.

The more time you take, the more stable and thicker the cream becomes. When curdling or separating the cream into layers, you may have worked too quickly or stirred insufficiently.

Variants and additions

  • Feel free to use another vegetable oil, such as almond oil, avocado oil or soy oil. Or use a mixture of different oils.
  • A perfume (perfume oil or essential oil) can be added to the oil phase, do not use more than a few (3-6) drops per 100 grams of cream.