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Bath caviar

Bath salts are fun to use and fragrance the water used for bathing. Bath caviar has an additional purpose. It consists mainly of urea, a substance that occurs naturally in the skin and helps to keep the skin moisturised.


  • 100 g Urea
  • 5 drops (± 0,5 ml) HexaCol green (or: several different colours HexaCol, only the water soluble kinds!)
  • 12 drops (± 1,5 ml) Bornyl acetate
  • Dropper plastic 1 ml
  • Bottle TUBBY (3-4 will do)


Put the urea beads in a glass or metal container. Add about 4 drops of bornyl acetate and 2 drops of HexaCol green. Stir the urea with a metal spoon until the colour is dispersed evenly. Add another amount of fragrance and colour and stir. Repeat untill everything is added: a bit more or less is no problem. When the colour is even the fragrance is too. Fill the TUBBY bottles with the bath caviar. Bath caviar usualy keeps at least 6 months.

Alternative: make several different colours of bath caviar, put them in different containers and add these one after another to the bottle, to create layers of colour.


  • Use a funnel to fill the TUBBY bottles. Our funnels with a diameter up to 60 mm work fine.
  • Do not use plastic or wooden materials to mix, but glass, metal or well glazed pottery instead. Colour and fragrance can be cleaned from hard surfaces but only hardly or not from softer materials.
  • HexaCol can stain skin, clothes, wood, plastic, wall paper … make sure to work carefull. Clean immediately after spilling.
  • Bornyl acetate is not a hazardous material, neither is any other material from this formula. Still we recommend to take care when using raw materials. More information about these materials can be found on the product page of each material in the webshop.
  • You can use any of our water soluble HexaCols to colour (so NOT the oil green) and many of our fragrances, but not all.