Fragrance raw material

Blotters 500 pcs

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Blotters 500 pcs, fragrance strips for the bulk consumer.

Usage and properties

Blotters are strips of heavy quality white paper. They are used to evaluate odourous liquids. Think of perfumes, liquid fragrances and solutions of fragrances. They are not supplied in a booklet, but as sinle strips, per approximately 500 pieces in a plastic bag or foil. The use is simple: dip the blotter partly in the liquid, take it out again, let it drain and smell the part with some scent on it. The blotters can be held or clamped to the part that has not been immersed in the liquid.


The strips are about 140 mm long and about 7 mm wide. The paper used is 300 grams white paper. The sizes may be slightly different per delivery.


Item number: 29211