Gloves nitril S 100 pcs

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"This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Nitrile gloves, in a small size.


Wear these gloves as (limited) protection of the hands when working with substances that are irritating or corrosive to the skin. Also suitable for substances that can cause an allergic skin reaction. In addition, they can be worn for hygiene reasons. Replace the gloves if they become dirty or damaged.


Nitrile gloves have the advantage over latex that they do not cause an allergic reaction. Nitrile has good resistance to most diluted acids and bases. The protection varies greatly with essential oils, fragrances and solvents, but in any case it provides temporary protection against splashes. We sell them in sizes S, M and L. Size S is for smaller hands. These can be (too) big for young children.


Packed per 100 pieces in a cardboard box."