Thermometer -10/100 °C

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"This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Thermometer -10/100 °C is intended for use in experiments and, for example, making cosmetics yourself.

Usage and features

Thermometer -10/100 °C can be used to measure the temperature of a liquid, paste or molten substance. For example, when making cream, soap or other cosmetics that require heating. The thermometer consists of a glass capillary with reservoir. Surrounded by a protective glass tube. The thermometer is filled with a red colored oil, which is not dangerous. There is a scale for each degree Celsius, ranging from -12 °C to 112 °C. At the top is a glass eye with which the thermometer can be attached. The thermometer is not completely cylindrical, so it does not roll away easily. Delivery follows complete with plastic storage tube. Keep in mind that this is a simple, inexpensive thermometer that doesn't accurately indicate the temperature. A deviation of a few degrees is quite possible. Thermometer -10/100 °C is resistant to many substances. The thermometer is quite resistant to lye: you can use it when making soap based on oil and lye, but it is important to clean the thermometer well after use. Do not heat the thermometer too far or for too long: this can damage it irreparably. The thermometer is made of glass and can break. Never heat directly with fire, do not heat too fast or let it cool down too quickly.


The length of the thermometer is just over 20 cm. The diameter is about 6mm. The storage tube measures approximately 12 x 12 mm, with an adjustable length up to approximately 30 cm.


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