Test strips Pehanon 4.0-9.0

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors.Indicator paper Pehanon from MN - pH range 4.0 - 9.0. An easy way to measure the pH of a liquid is to use these indicator strips. These consist of paper strips with a few colored squares on them. Before use, dip the entire strip in the liquid to be tested. The square in the middle (without a number in it) will discolor. Compare these with the other squares: the color that most closely matches the color in the center indicates the approximate pH. For measuring very small quantities, only the square without a value imprint can also be dipped in the liquid, but because the other squares do not get wet, it is a somewhat less accurate method. pH steps: pH 0.5 These strips are particularly suitable for determining the pH of creams, shampoo and similar cosmetics with a high percentage of water and where the pH is expected to fall within this range, for example to adjust the pH to a certain value.


Bag 20 pcs, Box 200 pcs
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