Funnel glass 50 mm

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Funnel glass 50 mm: a glass funnel with an upper diameter of approximately 50 mm. Funnel glass 50 mm A funnel of lime soda glass. Glass is fragile and sensitive to sudden temperature changes. The funnel can be cleaned well and thoroughly, aromatic materials do not impregnate the glass. In principle, cleaning in the dishwasher is possible, but keep in mind that it is a fragile glass product: not in fast dishwashers and avoid breaking due to too hard water jets. It is safer to wash it by hand. When used with a round filter: round filter paper 70 mm fits easily in the funnel, a slightly larger diameter would also fit. Sizes Top diameter: 45 - 55 mm Stem outer diameter: about 7 mm Longest length: 85 - 95 mm Stem length: 40 - 50 mm The stem is obliquely cut at the bottom.