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Hexazine 2023

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Hexazine 2023 is our yearly, informative magazine.

Hexazine 2023

Hexazine 2023 contains articles about fragrance materials, formulation, a list of all available materials we had in the beginning of 2023 including our classification system. We think it provides a bit of information that may be useful for many perfumers. We made sure there is something for both starters and more experienced perfumers. It consists of 40 pages and is in full colour.


The molecules

An article about the Escentrics molecule series. Many of our customers try to copy these molecules for educational or other purposes. But even for those simple looking formulations it is not always as straight forward as one would think. The article covers Molecule 01 until Molecule 05.

The solution

How to make a solution of one's fragrance materials. This article focuses on the question: how to find the most suitable solvent. Why DPG or IPM, or another solvent.


This article is about aspects of sustainability. It is not always easy to find out if a material is sustainable and how to assess that aspect of a material. We try to give some guidance, though it is clear that it is not easy.

Fragrance formulation for some toiletries

Many of our customers only make alcohol or oil based perfumes, but this article is for those who formulate for some common types of toiletries. What could one consider when formulation for such products.


We provide some formulations. Three more advanced formulations for Chanel No5, Shalimar and Diorella type perfumes, but also a few formulations based on the system in our book 26 DIY Perfume Formulas. These easier formulations are based on CK one, J'adore and 1 Million.

Classification and range

The middle part of the Hexazine, 16 of the 40 pages, consists of a list of all fragrant materials we carried in the beginning of 2023 and our classification system. In case you are only interested in this, know that you can download this for free from our website.