Educational set: making perfume *ADR*

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This product is not shipped to all countries,
Worksheets and instructions are provided in Dutch only.
A set for making perfume with the whole class (or any other group. We recommend this set for students ages 10-14. As an activity in the classroom you can fill a lesson with it, depending on organization and preparation, you should count on 30-60 minutes. It is not necessary to make all perfume at once, for example you can also make four atomisers every week with a group, the method must then be slightly adjusted and it may be that a few atomisers can be made less. The working instructions assume that perfume is made together per group of about 4 people. 4 atomisers are then filled with this. Making perfume is also a fun activity at an open house, if well organized this can be made within 10 minutes. Here too we assume groups of about 4 people.
The package contains all the necessary raw materials, atomisers, filling materials, copyable worksheets for the students and an instruction for the teacher. 2 ml of perfume can be made per student. A worksheet (in Dutch) for a masculine perfume, a feminine perfume and a unisex perfume is provided, you can have them made in any proportion, so anything masculine or half masculine, half unisex, anything is possible.
Although this set is intended for use in education (at school or at home), it is also used for children's parties. That is fine in itself, but we would like to point out that it is not intended as a toy. The fragrances used nor the end result may not meet the requirements of the legislation around toys: we therefore do not know whether it is suitable as a toy. It is an educational set, intended for learning about perfume making with or under adult supervision. Therefore, do not treat the raw materials and the end result as a toy, and do not store it with toys.
This product is shipped as ADR shipment (Hazardous materials). This is not possible to all countries and has consequences for return shipment posibilities. Please refer to: ADR shipments.
We offer a package for 12, 35 or 100 people. The composition is as follows:
12 people 35 people 100 people
21101-4 FO Wild Jasmine 10 ml 1 1 3
21102-4 FO Musk and Frankincense 10 ml 1 1 3
21105-4 FO Tea and Melissa 10 ml 1 1 3
21108-4 FO Water and air 2 - 10 ml 1 1 3
21107-4 FO Gray Amber 10 ml 1 1 3
23052-4 Linalyl Acetate 10ml 1 1 3
27098-1 Mini atomiser plastic 13 38 105
29550-7 Cosmetic hair water 100 ml 1 1 0
29550-8 Cosmetic hair water 250 ml 0 0 1
30108-1 Measuring cup PP 25 ml 5 10 30
30110-1 Dropper pipette plastic 3 ml 2 2 2
30111-1 Plastic dropper 1 ml 20 20 40
Instruction teacher (in Dutch) 1 1 1
Worksheet V (in Dutch) 1 1 1
Worksheet M (in Dutch) 1 1 1
Worksheet U (in Dutch) 1 1 1


12 persons, 35 persons, 100 persons