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Frankincense res 50% in DPG

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Frankincense resinoid is made from the gum resin of frankincense bushes, some species of the genus Boswellia. Although Boswellia's range extends from Sudan to India, the olibanum (frankincense, frankinsence) used to make the resinoid comes mainly from Somalia and Ethiopia.The resinoid is used in amber fragrances.It is a fixative in both perfumes and soaps, although for good requires quite a bit of resinoid fixation, it gives the unmistakable sweet, powdery incense scent to the perfumes it is used in. We sell this resinoid as a 50% solution in DPG. This solution is viscous but somewhat pourable, if necessary after heating in a bain-marie. It cannot be ruled out that the resin will partly crystallize, especially in winter or if it has been kept too cool. Smaller or larger pieces of resin will then enter the solution, which can normally also be dissolved by heating in a bain-marie. Store this product at room temperature. The resinoid has a spicy, almost peppery, but also balsamic scent. The resinoid is readily soluble in alcohol. Although there are no legal restrictions on the use of this resinoid and the IFRA has not stated any restrictions, it is wise not to use too much of this substance, it may contain substances that can act as an allergen. Einec's number: 289-620-2 CAS number: 89957-98-2


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g