Fixateur 505 (Fir)

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Fixateur 505 E (moreover, we omit the E) is a product of the Swiss company Firmenich. They are the only manufacturer of this product, which is why we have put Fir behind it Fixateur 505 is a mixture of fragrances especially intended for fixing perfume compositions It is the replacement for Fixateur 404 that has been out of stock for years. Fixateur 505 consists in any case partly of synthetic materials. The scent of Fixateur 505 is a sweet ambergris scent with citrus aspects, it can be used undiluted. Fixator 505 is a good and widely used high quality fixative. Due to its own scent, it will add a certain ambergris scent, which will not be disruptive in most scents. It replaces Fixateur 404, but also the traditional ambergris tincture that used to be used as a fixative in almost every perfume. Fixator 505 is liquid, we sell it by weight because it is quite an expensive substance and weighing is more accurate than measuring by volume. Because Fixateur 505 is a mixture of substances, it does not have an Einecs number, CAS number or FEMA number.


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