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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Wintergreen owes its name to the fact that the plant remains green in winter. The leaves are made into an essential oil by means of steam distillation. Our wintergreen essential oil comes from the Gaultheria procumbens grown in China. Another less common name is tea berry. We sell essential oil made from organic wintergreen. Indication of the composition: > 25% - Methyl Salicylate Wintergreen is a typical top note in perfumes, but is rarely used. When used often just a little bit, it's a very pungent scent. In the United States, in particular, wintergreen oil is widely used as a flavoring agent. The original Coca Cola recipe would contain wintergreen oil. Due to the toxicity of the oil, we do not recommend using it as a flavoring agent, in addition, the Witchcraft does not sell any product intended for use in food. Wintergreen oil is also used as a preservative for technical products such as glue and paint. Wintergreen is especially important in tuberose accords, but also goes well with all kinds of green accords, especially with mint and fresh-cut grass scents. Wintergreen oil goes well with other salicylates used in perfumery. Although the oil is not expensive, it was and probably is often tampered with, instead of the mentioned plant a very similar oil can be extracted from the bark of Betula Lenta (sugar birch) and because the oil consists almost entirely of methyl salicylate it can be that you get one when you order the other. Our essential oil wintergreen is pure natural essential oil. Wintergreen oil is harmful if swallowed and irritates the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. It contains none of the allergens designated by the EU as the most common contact allergens in perfume compositions. CAS No TSCA: 68917-75-9 CAS No EU: 90045-28-6 EC No: 289-888-0 FEMA No: 3113 INCI: GAULTHERIA PROCUMBENS LEAF OIL


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