EO Neroli (org) *ADR*

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Our essential neroli oil is made by steam distillation from orange blossom: the flowers of Citrus x aurantium L. - sometimes with the addition amara, or from the flowers of the bitter orange tree.The trees whose blossom is used are grown organically. Elsewhere in the world the name neroli is also used, or else that for orange blossom, in English orange blossom, the French name is fleur d'oranger, the German name Orangenbl├╝ten. Indication of the composition: > 25% - Linalool 10-25% - Linalyl Acetate 5-10 % - Limonene, Myrcene 2-5% - Farnesol, Geranyl Acetate, Beta Ocimene, Alpha Terpineol 1-2 % - Nerolidol, Neryl Acetate Neroli oil is a top, sometimes heart note in perfumes. The scent is a combination of sweet, white flowers with some citrus and some spices. Because the smell of neroli oil is in fact a standard for describing other fragrances, it is important to know the smell for that reason alone. Neroli oil is a classic fragrance that has been used for hundreds of years and is still very popular in perfumes. It fits in with floral scents, is indispensable in a real eau-de-cologne, but also goes well with traditional men's fragrances. In soap, the oil is fairly stable. It is a 100% pure essential oil. Neroli oil is irritating and allergenic to the skin and can cause serious damage to the eyes. Swallowing can cause lung damage. It is an environmentally harmful substance. Neroli oil contains citral, farnesol, geraniol, limonene and linalool, substances that some people have an allergic reaction to. This product is shipped as ADR shipment (Hazardous materials). This is not possible to all countries and has consequences for return shipment posibilities. Please refer to: ADR shipments. CAS No TSCA: 8016-38-4 CAS No EU: 72968-50-4 EC no: 277-143-2 FEMA No: 2771 INCI: CITRUS AURANTIUM FLOWER OIL


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