EO Lavender Bulgaria (org)

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. EO Lavender Bulgaria (org) is an essential oil for use as a fragrance. Use the oil for example in perfume, cosmetics and other scented products.


EO Lavender Bulgaria (org) has a green spicy floral scent. The fragrance is medium strong and does not dominate quickly, so it can be used undiluted. Lavender combines well with spicy scents, moss and wood. It is the main ingredient in lavender scents, but is also almost always found in fougères and often in chypres. You usually use between 0.1% and 30% of this substance in the fragrance composition. It is mainly a top note in perfumes, Poucher classifies the oil as 4 -so also as a top note-. Lavender oil can be used in soap, but only combined with other fragrances, otherwise the soap will only smell like lavender for a short time. Jellinek indicates that lavender oil is 'usable' in soap that is pressed from soap granules, but that strong fixation is needed. Lavender absolute, coumarin and labdanum resinoide are suitable fixatives in lavender soap. Lavender oil can sometimes discolor the soap, but this is not really common. EO Lavender can be used for perfuming cosmetics or as a fragrance in perfumes and other fragrance products. In addition, it is suitable for external use in aromatherapy, or in an aroma lamp, provided the oil is used in a sufficiently filled container with water, otherwise a fire may start. Store cool, dry and dark.


EO Lavender Bulgaria (org) is a colorless to yellow liquid at room temperature. The substance has a fairly long shelf life. The oil is made by steam distillation from the flowering twigs of the Lavandula angustifolia Mill.. In this case, organically grown lavender from Bulgaria. This one is a bit fresher and spicier than most French lavender oils. Like any essential oil, this one is a mixture of various substances. An indication of the composition is the following: Indication of the composition: > 25% - Linalool, Linalyl Acetate 5-10 % - 1,8-Cineol 2-5% - Borneol, beta Caryophyllene, beta Occimene 1-2% - Bornyl Acetate, Geranyl Acetate, Alpha Terpineol Lavender oil is a natural product, the exact composition of the oil therefore differs each time, this depends on the region of origin, the age of the plants, the weather during the growing season, the way of mowing, the way of distilling and rectifying and a few others. factors. Nothing has been added to the lavender oil that we sell, it is pure essential oil. Because the oil naturally contains about 35% linalool, which is sensitive to oxygen from the air, it can be wise to add an antioxidant to the oil, or else to the product in which it is used. For the oil, 0.1% BHT or Vitamin E is recommended as an antioxidant. Without an antioxidant, the oil can partially oxidize after being exposed to the air for a longer period of time, making it more allergenic.


The 10 and 50 ml packaging is made of brown glass with a black child-resistant cap. The 250 g package is made of aluminum with a white cap. The latter packaging should not be supplied to consumers because a child-resistant closure has not been used and there is no tactile triangle on the bottle.


EO Lavender Bulgaria (org) is classified as a hazardous substance, with the following characteristics: DANGER H304 - May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. H315 - Causes skin irritation. H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction. H319 - Causes serious eye irritation. H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. It contains the allergenic substances linalool, geraniol, limonene and coumarin. Reports surfaced in social media that lavender oil can lead to breast growth in boys when used. This can be traced back to a single report from the USA, which has been poorly investigated and substantiated. There is no reason to believe that there is actually a connection between this breast growth and the use of lavender oil. However, lavender oil appears to contain components that the body can mistake for hormones, which some call 'endocrine disruptors'. Although theoretically this could be a risk for young children, in practice there is no indication that such risks actually exist.


Item number: 20104 English name: EO Lavender Bulgaria (org) EC number: 289-995-2 CAS Number EU: 90063-37-9 CAS Number TSCA: 8000-28-0 FEMA Number: 2622 ADR: 9/III UN number: 2788 INCI: LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA HERB OIL


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g NOT for private persons
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