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"This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. DPGME is a solvent and carrier for fragrances and can be used, for example, in room perfumes, especially in reed diffusers.


DPGME can be mixed with fragrances and then used as a liquid in a reed diffuser. The type we supply is not intended for use in cosmetics, for that reason we do not recommend using it in cosmetics.


An example of a formulation for a reed diffuser fluid. Even though DPGME has a distinct odor of its own: it is covered by the smell of the fragrances. The result is a spicy lavender scent. Just mix and stir:
  • EO Lavender Dalmatia 4 drops
  • Lavender absolute 4 drops
  • EO Clary Sage 1 drop
  • EO Lavandin Abrialis 12 drops
  • Linalool 12 drops
  • EO Sage 2 drops
  • EO Bergamot 12 drops
  • Galaxolide 50% 3 drops
  • DPGME 50 drops
DPGME is quite harmless. The fragrances, especially the natural essential oil, are dangerous for pets and children. Keep the mixture away from them!


DPGME, in full dipropylene glycol methyl ether, also known as PPG-2 Methyl Ether. It has its own rather sweet smell, which can affect the overall fragrance effect. It is recommended to take this into account. For making reed diffuser liquids you normally use about 25-50% fragrances, otherwise this carrier liquid.


It is not a hazardous substance in the sense of the law (REACH). However, it is wise to be careful with this substance as well. Keep out of the reach of children."


250 ml, 1 liter, 5 kg
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