Kephalis (Giv)

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Kephalis (Giv) is a fragrance for use in, for example, perfume or cosmetics. The scent has many aspects: spicy, wood, tobacco and amber are the most characteristic, which traditionally lends itself to more masculine scents. Especially to be used to bring out the base scents, if used properly it connects the heart with the base. It is a heart to base note. Kephalis is stable in soap. Kephalis is a pale yellow liquid. It is made synthetically, by the Swiss Givaudan. It does not occur in nature. The smell of Kephalis is not pronounced strong or weak, making a dilution is not necessary. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children. Kephalis is not a hazardous substance in the sense of the law (REACH/CLP), an allergic reaction is not obvious. The English name is Kephalis CAS number: 36306-87-3 Einec's number: 252-961-2 FEMA number: none


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g