Aldehyde C11 undecylene

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Aldehyde C11 undecylene is a fragrance for use in, for example, perfume, cosmetics, soap and air fresheners.


Aldehyde C11 undecylene has the signature aldehyde scent: oily, soapy with aspects of citrus and rose. The smell is strong, making a dilution of, for example, 10% or even 1% can therefore be useful. Normally we advise not to dilute in alcohol, but for aldehydes this is a good choice, because this makes the substance more stable. Of course it is also possible with cosmetic hair water and only if the end product is compatible with alcohol. Typical use is for retrieving wood and fresh floral scents. You usually use between a trace and 0.5% of this substance in the fragrance composition, for soap it can be more. Perfumes with aldehydes often take a long time to mature before the scent is right: 2-3 months is no exception. It is often seen as a top note in perfumes because the scent in the top is very distinctive. Looking purely at substantivity it is a real base note. It can be used in difficult products such as soap and acidic products, although a slightly higher dosage is recommended: up to 2%. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children.


Aldehyde C11 undecylene is a colorless to pale yellow liquid at room temperature. The purity is at least 97%. The substance does not have a long shelf life: our advice is to replace the stock at least once a year. The shelf life is considerably increased by making a solution of, for example, 10% in alcohol (or cosmetic hair water) immediately after receipt. Only do this if the final product is compatible with alcohol. The substance occurs in nature, but the synthetic version is used for use as a fragrance. The name can be confusing, there are more Aldehydes C11, we call these aldehyde C11 undecylene, other suffixes for the same aldehyde are undecylene, udecylenic and enic. Note: suffixes undecyl and undecylic also occur, but that is really a different substance!


The 10 and 50 ml packaging is made of brown glass with a black cap. The 250 g package is made of aluminum with a stopper and a white cap.


Aldehyde C11 undecylene is classified as a dangerous substance, with the following characteristics: WARNING H315 - Causes skin irritation. H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction. H319 - Causes serious eye irritation. H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


Item number: 23063 English names: aldehyde C11 undecylene, aldehyde C11 -enic, 10-undecenal EC number: 203-973-1 CAS Number EU: 112-45-8 CAS Number TSCA: 112-45-8 FEMA Number: 3095 INCI: UNDECYLENAL


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g