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Mini atomiser plastic 2 ml

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A small, complete atomiser for use as a tester, for example.


Fill the reservoir with perfume, click the atomiser attachment with cap on and you're done. Note: press firmly, if you do not do this, the entire atomiser attachment can be pulled out if you want to pull the cap off, or the mini atomiser leaks.

The mini plastic atomiser 2 ml is intended for use with alcohol-based perfumes. With other media, such as DPG, jojoba oil, IPM or water based perfumes, it is possible that the atomiser does not comply or works less well. Small solid particles, such as those that can be created when using homemade tinctures, can clog the atomiser.

Reuse is theoretically possible, but not unlimited. Keep in mind that the scent will penetrate the parts and thus affect the scent and quality of another perfume.

Shipping in a not too small envelope is possible given the sizes, but leakage can never be 100% ruled out.


The mini plastic atomiser 2 ml is made of transparent, but not completely crystal clear plastic. Some internal parts of the atomiser are made of white plastic or metal.


The nominal capacity is 2 ml, the actual capacity of the reservoir is ± 2.4 ml, the maximum usable volume is ± 2.1 ml.

The height of the mini atomiser with hood is ± 56 mm, the diameter is ± 13 mm.


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