Dropper cap DIN18 for 50 ml bottle

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Dropper cap DIN18 for 50 ml bottle, suitable for use with AMBER / BLANE 50 ml bottle.

Closure with a glass dropper with a synthetic rubber balloon. Synthetic rubber is unfortunately not 100% gas-tight, with sensitive contents we recommend closing the bottle with a good cap and not with the dropper. The rubber can be affected by certain substances, so make sure that the contents do not come into contact with the balloon. The contents of the dropper is approximately 1.5 ml.

The color of the cap and the balloon may be different per delivery! A graduation can also be applied to the pipette. We will switch to an unambiguous type of pipette in 2021 / 2022.

The closure is supplied without a bottle, for suitable bottles see below - matching products.


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