Cap DIN18 white dropper insert for oil

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Cap DIN18 white dropper insert for oil: a cap for closing DIN18 bottles, with a white dropper insert for, for example, oily substances.

Features and usage

Use this cap for closing bottles where the contents must be able to be dosed drop by drop. Due to the somewhat larger opening, this dropper cap is especially suitable for liquids with a somewhat higher viscosity. Think of vegetable oil, essential oil, many fragrances.

This cap consists of two parts: a dropper insert and a screw cap. The insert is clamped in the neck of the bottle when the cap is attached for the first time.

The cap is made of white plastic (PP), the insert is made of a transparent plastic (LDPE). The dropper hole has a diameter of ± 2 mm.

The cap fits all our bottles with a DIN18 neck. This cap will also fit on many other containers with a DIN18 closure, but there may be exceptions, so always try it out.

The cap is delivered without a bottle, for suitable bottles see below - matching products.


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