Atomiser attachment E5 silver with cap

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Atomiser attachment E5 silver with cap is an atomiser attachment, intended for use with perfume bottles.


Remove the cap from the atomiser attachment. Cut the riser with regular scissors to the correct length. Too long: the riser can unscrew the nozzle attachment due to the spring force. Too short: not all perfume can be carried by the atomiser.

Keep both the outside of the bottleneck and the threads of the closure clean and dry. Perfume, oil and fragrances act as a lubricant, which means that the closure will not close properly.

The closure is supplied without a bottle, for suitable bottles see below - related products.


The atomiser attachment has a silver metallic finish and a protective cap in the same silver colour.

The diameter of the cap is ± 21 mm, in combination with a suitable bottle this closure adds about 23 mm height to the whole.

Please note: when used with bottles other than those recommended by us and when used with products other than alcohol-based perfume, leakage may occur. This rarely happens with alcohol-based perfumes, but it is still advisable to take the possibility into account.

The nozzle head can become clogged with solid pieces in the liquid. The closure may vibrate loose. Therefore, it is preferable not to use it as shipping packaging and watch out when using it as a handbag atomiser.

The cap clamps over the main part of the atomiser attachment. Of course it is easy to remove. This also means that it is recommended NOT to pick up a bottle and atomiser combination by the cap: the bottle and lower part of the atomiser attachment may drop just due to their weight, the bottle may break or damage.


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