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A tippe top is a special kind of top, intended for physics lessons.

Tippe top

The tippe top doesn't quite behave like a regular top. When you use the top you will see it slowly turn upside down and then continue to turn. Moreover, the top turns in the opposite direction, viewed from the top itself. The physics behind this have been described in various places and contains a number of simple aspects, which can also be easily understood in the physics lessons, in addition to a bit more complex physics. Unfortunately, it is not clearly visible to the naked eye that the top will turn in the opposite direction after reversing, if a high speed camera is available at school, this is a wonderful subject, which can help visualize the whole process. It is very suitable for open house, and complex enough for science fairs. The toll is available in some colors, for practical reasons it is not possible to choose which colour you get.


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