Rose of Jericho

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Rose of Jericho is a (special) plant.


The Rose of Jericho can be used to demonstrate movement in plants. This goes very slowly, but sometimes a sway can be seen, in addition, within an hour you can often see a clear difference between the start position and the end position. Of course it is also a good example of adapting the plant to a dry climate where rain falls occasionally.


The botanical name of this plant is Selaginella Lepidophylla (Hook. & Grev.) Spring. It is a North American desert plant that can survive for years on its own, without roots in the ground, without water and food. If you put the roots of the plant in some water, the plant will unfold in a few hours. If you take the plant out of the water and put it in a dry place, it will slowly fold back together, which usually takes a few days. This cycle of folding and unfolding can be repeated over and over. The Rose of Jericho is native to the deserts of the southern United States of America and northern Mexico. It is a spore plant. To be confused, this plant is also called 'false Rose of Jericho' to distinguish it from other plants with similar characteristics that are also called 'Rose of Jericho'.


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