Gum arabic raw

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Gum arabic is a raw material for technical use, for example in glue.


Gum arabic is used to make products such as ink, paint (watercolor paint for example) and glue. Usually, a solution in water is made before use. It is best to put the gum in cold water for 24 hours. Then dissolve the gum in the same water under gentle heating and by stirring well. Finally, the solution can be sieved, for example, through a nylon stocking. A solution of about 10 grams of gum arabic per 100 ml of water is fairly easy to make. A stronger solution is possible, but it is not easy to make. This solution has a limited shelf life and becomes moldy. This can be prevented (or at least delayed) by using a suitable preservative, for example 0.3% methyl paraben. Traditionally, oils of cloves is used as a preservative. The phenols in the oil have a preservative effect, but the oil does not mix well with the gum solution. Although the gum can stand hot water for some time, it is not recommended to boil or heat it to high temperatures for a long time, this is at the expense of the adhesive power.


In ink, gum provides the desired flow characteristics. The edges of the ink lines must be smooth, with too little gum they are frayed. With too much gum, the ink is easily scraped off the paper.


It is particularly used in watercolor paint. It is necessary to use a good recipe. Because of the color, it is advisable to process the lighter colored pieces of gum separately.


The created solution is in itself already suitable as a simple glue.


This grade is not intended for use in cosmetics, food or other applications on or in the body.


Gum arabic is supplied in chunks of uneven shape, size and appearance, hence raw gum arabic. The chunks are yellow / orange / brown in color. The gum is generally quite clean, yet 5% pollution, such as pieces of wood, plant, insect, packaging materials, etc. must be taken into account. Gum arabic is the gum resin that is extracted from various species of the Acacia genus. Often referred to as Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. and Acacia seyal Delile. However, the gum is in fact a mixture of gum resins from various acacias from the countries of origin. This is roughly the area from Senegal through the Arabian Peninsula to the far west of India.


We pack this product in sealed plastic LDPE bags.


Gum arabic is not a hazardous substance under REACH / CLP legislation.


Article number: 40004  


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