Strontium chloride (T) SALE

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This product will be discontinued: SALE until sold out. Strontium chloride (T) is an experimental substance for education, research, development and entertainment.


For example, use strontium chloride (T) for experiments with precipitates. You can also use it to make other strontium salts, such as the carbonate. Strontium chloride is also suitable for flame coloring: it colors the flame red.

Many of our customers have been using this product in pond or aquarium for years. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this product is suitable for this in all cases. We therefore leave it to our customers to assess this.

We do not recommend using in cosmetics and other applications in or on the body, this quality is not suitable for that. We also advise against use in food, supplements or other internal use.


Hydrous strontium chloride (hexahydrate). We supply this as a white, coarse powder. Purity: Technical, content not specified.

CAS Number: 10476-85-4/10025-70-4
EC number: 233-971-6 / 600-046-7

Classified (REACH/CLP) as a hazardous substance with the following hazard statements:

H318 - Causes serious eye damage.


50 g, 250 g