Potassium carbonate

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Potassium carbonate, also called potash, is mainly used in cosmetics as an emulsifier. It is not itself an emulsifier, but it saponifies fatty acids such as stearic acid and fatty acids from beeswax.The soap that is formed with this is an emulsifier in creams, etc. In addition, potassium carbonate can be used to raise the pH. Shaving soap also often contains potassium carbonate to saponify fatty acids and soften beard hairs.

Potassium carbonate is extracted from potassium salts and chalk, minerals found throughout the earth.

We use potassium carbonate in creams, among other things as a replacement for borax, in that case use approximately 0.37 x the amount of borax. For example, the recipe says 0.7 g Borax, then use (0.7 x 0.37) = ± 0.26 g potassium carbonate. This only works if you used the borax as part of the emulsifier, in a single recipe from the (very) old box borax is used as a preservative, then you should not use potassium carbonate but a different preservative.

The INCI name of Potassium Carbonate is Potassium Carbonate.

We supply Potassium Carbonate as fine white powder.

Outside of cosmetics, it is a substance that is used for various purposes, including cleaning, in many darkroom recipes (including in the Pyrocat HD developer) and in wool dyeing.

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