Fragrance raw material

LV 41 solubiliser

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LV 41 is a solvent. Hence the name: LV stands for Lösungsvermittler, German for solvent. It is used to dissolve fatty substances, for example essential oil, in to dissolve an aqueous solution.
LV 41 is used in hair gel, among other things, to be able to process a perfume oil in the gel. Another application is to mix fatty vitamins in an aqueous lotion.

Because LV 41 is a kind of viscous paste, we pack it by weight and in jars.

LV 41 contains the following ingredients according to INCI: PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. It is made by making castor oil dispersible in water by ethoxylation.


50 g, 250 g, 1 kg