Labdanum resinoid pure

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Labdanum resinoid pure is a vegetable aroma material that can be used in, for example, soap or natural perfumes.


Labdanum resinoid pure has a sweet spicy / woody scent. Among other things, it can be used for the most famous of all accords: the amber accord. Traditionally, this accord consists of Labdanum resinoid and vanillin, but for a purely natural amber accord, vanilla absolute could be used instead. In addition to the amber accord, labdanum goes well with wood scents and flowers such as lavender and rose. In soap it is stable and also has fixing properties. It is a base note in perfumes.


Labdanum resinoid pure is a solid or very viscous mass. Difficult to use, but after heating in a water bath it can be dosed by weight. It is easier to use is the solution from Labdanum resinoid in TEC, which we also sell. The solution is viscous, but can be dosed with a pipette, the pure Labdanum resinoid is not. However, the pure version is more suitable for soap and candle makers and for whom TEC is not natural enough. Labdanum Resinoid Pure is made from labdanum or cistus resin. This resin comes from a species of the rock rose family, namely Cistus ladanifer L .. This plant is native to parts of Spain and Portugal. We sell the resinoid as a pure substance; no solvents have been added, although it may still contain a little of the extractant used (alcohol). The resinoid is, for the most part, fairly soluble in alcohol and other common solvents.


We pack this in an aluminium bottle with a white cap. In addition to a cap, we also use a stopper for the 250 g packaging.


Labdanum resinoid pure is classified as a hazardous substance, with the following characteristics: WARNING H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction. H411 ??- Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects


Article number: 22410 English name: Labdanum resinoid pure EC number: 289-711-7 CAS number EU: 89997-74-0 CAS number TSCA: 8016-26-0 FEMA number: 2610 ADR: 9 / III UN number: 3077 INCI: CISTUS LADANIFERUS LEAF / VOTE EXTRACT Botanical: Cistus ladanifer L.


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