Benzoin Siam resinoid pure

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Benzoin Siam resinoid pure is a natural aroma extract for use in, for example, natural perfumes or soap.


Benzoin Siam resinoid pure has a sweet spicy, balsamic scent like that of vanilla. The odour is medium strong, but as it is a solid, making a dilution can be useful. The 50% dilution in MPG that we sell makes it even easier, but the disadvantage is that MPG does not mix well with fat and oil. Also, MPG is not a natural substance, which is an objection for some. The pure version is better for natural perfumes and candles, for example. Benzoin Siam resinoid pure gives a natural, mild, vanilla-like scent that is very versatile. For example, in amber perfumes, blossom scents, jasmine and many other floral scents. You usually use between 0.5% and 10% of this substance in the fragrance composition. It is mainly a base note in perfumes and is stable in most products, although it can cause discolouration.


Benzoin Siam resinoid pure consists of lumps, pieces, granules and powder of different sizes. The color varies from light yellow to orange-brown, the substance has a long shelf life. It is a resinoid, that is to say: extracted from a resinous substance with solvents. In this case it is the resin of the Siam Benzoƫ tree or Styrax tonkinensis Craib ex Hartwich. This tree originates in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand (= Siam), but also in Vietnam. Like the resin, the resinoid mainly consists of esters of benzoic acid, with coniferyl benzoate in particular being strongly represented, free benzoic acid and a little vanillin.


We pack this product in white plastic (PP) jars with lids.


Benzoin Siam resinoid pure is classified as a dangerous substance, with the following characteristics: WARNING H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction. H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


Article number: 22405 Dutch name: Benzoƫ Siam resinoid pure EC number: 232-556-7 CAS number EU: 9000-72-0 CAS number TSCA: 9000-72-0 FEMA number: 2133 INCI: STYRAX TONKINENSIS RESIN EXTRACT


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