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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Propolis is a bee product, sold by us as a raw material for perfumes and fragrance products.


It is easiest to use as a tincture. You can make this as follows:
  • Take a well-sealed jar, such as a used jam jar or preserving jar
  • Weigh 50 grams of propolis in this
  • Fill up with pure alcohol (96%) or Cosmetic Hair Water up to 100 ml
  • Close and leave for at least a month (preferably longer)
  • Decant or filter the solution and put it in a tightly sealable bottle, that is the tincture
The tincture can be used in cosmetics such as perfume or aftershave. For commercial use: remember that homemade tincture is a special fragrance about which little is known. Always consult with your cosmetic chemist. The smell is reminiscent of other bee products: honey, wax. In addition to blossoms, a little towards vanilla and other sweet spices. In its pure form, the scent is very similar to that of beeswax absolute. It is used as an active ingredient in cosmetics, including acne. For use in creams and ointments, the resin is best crushed in a mortar and mixed with fatty substances.


Propolis is in the form of resinous chunks that can be large or completely powdered. The color is usually dark brown, but this can vary per batch. The resin has been purified, making it more suitable for use in cosmetics than completely raw propolis. The resin itself has a long shelf life, but the scent does change over time. Please note: although it is classified under vegetable actives and vegetable fragrances, it is of course an animal product. Bees make propolis mainly from all kinds of plant material.


We pack propolis in sealed plastic (LDPE) bags.


Unprocessed natural resins are not subject to REACH/CLP legislation. An extract, like a tincture, does! The fact that there is an exemption does not mean that you can assume that it is a harmless product. Be aware of possible skin and eye irritation. It can naturally contain allergenic substances and even though it is a natural product, it can still cause environmental damage.


Item number: 26009 English name: Propolis INCI: PROPOLIS CERA


10 g, 50 g, 250 g
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